Micky Dolenz Records “Remember”

Micky Dolenz has recorded his own version of Harry’s “Remember (Christmas)” for a new album titled Remember.

Dolenz began working with producer David Harris a few years ago.  As they discussed the album, Dolenz found himself telling stories such as attending a Beatles recording session for “Good Morning, Good Morning.” These stories insipired the selection of songs for the album.

Harry Nilsson is, undoubtably, the subject of many of Dolenz’s stories. “I was with him when he wrote a lot of songs. And of course, the Monkees were the first to record one of his songs.” The Monkees recorded “Cuddly Toy,” one of the first recordings of a song by Harry Nilsson.  “Of course, I think Harry would have done very well with or without the Monkees, but it’s nice to think we might have had some role in helping him get started. We became very close after that; in fact, we became best buds.”

Netherfriends Does Nilsson

Netherfriends, a Chicago, Illinois, band has recorded a tribute to Harry Nilsson in the form of a half-dozen songs created from samples of Harry Nilsson’s music. Shawn Rosenblatt, the only constant member of the group, layered samples from Nilsson’s recordings and remixed the vocals to create Netherfriends Does Nilsson. 

Netherfriends Does Nilsson is available free on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Brass Bed Releases On Nilsson

Brass Bed has released an EP titled On Nilsson. The EP contains covers of four of Harry Nilsson’s songs, One, He Needs Me, He’s Large, and Don’t Forget Me.

The Lafayette, Louisiana, band decided to record the songs for the EP after appearing at a Harry Nilsson tribute. Embuing the songs with the group’s “trademark pop schizophrenia” – while ensuring that they can be performed live – took several months.

“Nilsson is a gifted songwriter, overshadowed by his famous friends.” explained Brass Bed’s frontman, Christiaan Maderstill, “His work hearkens back, in the best ways, to a time when the song itself was the prize. So it bears revisiting with new ideas for production.”

On Nilsson is available from Crossbill Records and can be downloaded from Amazon.com.

Magic Hero Vs Rock People Record “I Live in a World”

Magic Hero Vs Rock People, an “Austin, TX-based psych/pop/folk group,” has released a 7″ vinyl EP which includes the group’s recording of Harry Nilsson’s “I Live in A World.”

Harry Nilsson wrote the song in 1967 and demo’ed it for The Monkees. But, neither he nor the group ever released a recording of the song.

Magic Hero’s EP, titled Secret Enemy, is limited to 300 copies. The group used vintage instruments and recording techniques to recreate the classic sound of recordings from the late 1960s.

The EP is available from Troun Records.