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2106 R&RHOF NomineesNominations for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 have been announced. Once again, Harry Nilsson is not on the list. This is a great disappointment to Nilssons fans including many who have participated in the Harry in the Hall campaign the past year.

Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination. The moment has passed, but the movement lives on. We have just been given another year to share what Harry’s music has meant to us with other fans, musicians, and the public in general.

Some kid is going to see one of the videos and start learning how to play a Nilsson tune on his guitar. A filmmaker is going to read one of the articles online and recall a song of Harry’s that is perfect for the soundtrack of her movie. Some people are going to be reminded of why they love Harry’s music while others are going to fall in love with Harry’s music for the first time.

These little seeds we’ve planted have the potential to become large trees – not only to “keep the memory green” but to encourage it to grow.

Nilsson in the News

With the release of the Harry Nilsson Biography and a new box set of Nilsson’s recordings, Harry Nilsson is receiving numerous mentions in the news and other media.

Harry Nilsson in the News

Douglas Wolk illustrates his overview of Nilsson’s career and it’s affect on others, The Surprising, Lasting Influence of Harry Nilsson, at with videos of Nilsson and others performing Harry’s songs.

On August 6, Jane Fonda talked with Jimmy Fallon about Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson album which was produced by Fonda’s boyfriend, Richard Perry.

Geoff Edgers talked with Van Dyke Parks and Lee Blackman for his August 3 Boston Globe article, Harry Nilsson gets star treatment in new set, book. Edgars also appeared on WBUR’s Radio Boston show to talk about Nilsson (Rediscovering Musician Harry Nilsson).

Sean Fennessey describes Nilsson as “the great lost music genius of the 1970s” in his article Deconstructing Harry (August 2).

Ben Greenman lists “The Ten Best Lesser-Known Nilsson Songs” in his July 30, New Yorker article.

While discussion the biography and box set, Slate describes Nilsson as a cross between John Lennon and Paul McCartney: “Harry Nilsson had John’s perversity, Paul’s whimsy, and one of the strangest careers in singer-songwriter history.”

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Flash Harry Coming on CD

Joining the recently announced biography and RCA box set, Varese Sarabande Records CD of Harry Nilsson’s, Flash Harry, is coming August 13. Originally released on LP and cassette, and only outside the US, by Mercury Records in 1980, Flash Harry was the last album Nilsson released.

The new CD includes four bonus tracks: “Old Dirt Road (alt. version),” “Feet,” “Leave The Rest To Molly” and “She Drifted Away.”

The last three tracks are previously unreleased outtakes from the Flash Harry sessions which took place at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles. They feature Lowell George, Fred Tackett, and Bill Payne (of Little Feat); Ringo Starr; Van Dyke Parks; Jim Keltner; Jim Gordon; Klaus Voormann, Dr. John; and Donald “Duck” Dunn.

The CD includes an eight page booklet with additional liner notes by Jerry McCulley. A vinyl version of Flash Harry (limited to 2,500 units) is also planned. The LP will not contain the four bonus tracks.

Harry Nilsson: The RCA Albums Collection

Now that has spilled the beans a little early, here’s a part of the big news that I couldn’t report earlier!

Harry Nilsson: The RCA Albums Collection

This summer, Sony’s Legacy label is releasing The RCA Albums Collection, a huge box set of Harry Nilsson’s RCA albums on CD along with three additional CDs of outakes and single-only releases.  The set includes 17 CDs in total:

  • Disc 1 PANDEMONIUM SHADOW SHOW (Stereo and Mono)
  • Disc 2 AERIAL BALLET (Stereo and Mono)
  • Disc 3 HARRY
  • Disc 5 THE POINT!
  • Disc 10 PUSSY CATS
  • Disc 11 DUIT ON MON DEI
  • Disc 12 SANDMAN
  • Disc 13 …THAT’S THE WAY IT IS
  • Disc 15 NILSSON SESSIONS 1967-1968
  • Disc 16 NILSSON SESSIONS 1968-1971
  • Disc 17 NILSSON SESSIONS 1971-1974

The three newly-compiled CDs, Nilsson Sessions 1967-1968, Nilsson Sessions 1968-1971, and Nilsson Sessions 1971-1974, contain a total of 58 tracks, half of which (29 tracks) are previously unreleased.

The set will be released in July, 2013.  It is available for pre-order from

Chester Cannon, of the For the Love of Harry Nilsson blog, suggests that you may be able to order the upcoming box set for less from even if you are in the US.

The Point: The Definitive Collector’s Edition

The Point: The Definitive Collector’s Edition is now available. In addition to the award-winning animated feature narrated by Ringo Starr and featuring songs written and performed by Harry Nilsson, the definitive collector’s edition DVD includes over 25 minutes of bonus features including: Who Is Harry Nilsson?, Pitching the Point, Making the Point, and Legacy Of The Point.

The DVD is available online from

A Liar’s Autobiography

On November 2, 2012, Brainstorm Media releases “A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untold Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman.” The 82-minute 3D animated feature features the voices of Python alumni Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, John Cleese, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam. Graham Chapman’s dialogue is from an audio book he recorded with Harry Nilsson in Nilsson’s studio. Bill Jones, Ben Timlett, and Jeff Simpson directed the film for Bill & Ben Productions.

Born in Leicester, England, Chapman studied medicine at St Bartholomew’s Medical College and later at Cambridge. But, his professional career took a different direction. Through the 1960s, he wrote comedy for David Frost and others at the BBC. In 1969, the sketch show Monty Python’s Flying Circus premiered with Chapman as a member of the comedy troupe.

Chapman played the lead roles in Monty Python’s feature films Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Life of Brian.

Chapman wrote, produced, and starred in the ill-fated film Yellowbeard. Harry Nilsson wrote and performed a song, “Men At Sea,” for the film, but it wasn’t used in Yellowbeard. The song does appear at the end of Group Madness, a documentary about the filming of Yellowbeard.

Chapman died on October 4, 1989, from tonsil cancer which he had been diagnosed with in November, 1988.

“A Liar’s Autobiography” will be released in theaters and on Epix.