The Harry Nilsson Web Pages Site Has Moved to

You may have noticed that the Harry Nilsson Web Pages web site has a new home at I moved the site to the new domain because Sony is developing an official Harry Nilsson web site which will reside at Until the new site is ready, will automatically forward to

I’ve always understood that it was a privilege for us to be allowed to use the domain name. Domain names like are very important, not so much for the traffic they attract, but because they impart authority to the web site associated with the domain name. While we think of Harry Nilsson as an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter (and to many of the wonderful people I’ve met over the years, a friend and family member), the name “Harry Nilsson” also represents a very valuable business asset.

Although The Harry Nilsson Web Pages site was never the official Nilsson web site, many visitors probably thought it was due to the domain name. It’s a great compliment to the fans of Harry Nilsson that Una Nilsson, Lee Blackman (the manager of Harry’s Estate), and RCA/BMG/Sony allowed us to use it for so long. Many thanks to Una, Lee, and Sony!

The transfer of to Sony was completely amicable. Lee Blackman called me and asked if I was willing to let Sony have the domain. Without hesitation, I said “yes.” At Mr. Blackman’s request, Sony will include a link to on the new web site.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new official Harry Nilsson web site. It’s just the first of many new, exciting Nilsson-related developments on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “The Harry Nilsson Web Pages Site Has Moved to

  1. “I can’t live…” got play on American Idol but why no mention of the roots ??
    Here’s the mention that may be more important than national play: 1973, 15 years old, crouched next to my parents’ strereo in Boise Idaho… The song playing ans me simultaneously groping for an emotional connection AND trying to get my brother to stop talking.
    Harry’s peak in the song was something I’d never ever experienced and 40 years later when the song was attributed to Mariah Carey, I was transported back to the real beginning.
    Thanks for hearing me!

  2. What is the name of the song in the video, who is harry etc, during the wedding chapter, and was it ever used in a film? Thank you,,eric hix

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