Are You Sleeping? I’m Only Sleeping.

Em Cooper won a well-deserved Grammy recently for her music video for “I’m Only Sleeping” by the Beatles. The animation is created from individual oil paintings and the style is somewhat reminiscent of the flowing psychedelic imagery of late ’60s as captured in the Yellow Submarine movie.

As a fan of Harry Nilsson, watching this video, I felt much the same feeling of awe and wonder as I did when first seeing Nilsson’s animated film, The Point!. Fred Wolf drew hundreds of individual frames by hand creating similar dream-like imagery. Some of the vinettes in the “I’m Only Sleeping” video would work well accompanying songs from The Point! such as “Are You Sleeping?” or “Think About Your Troubles.”

I wonder if Em Cooper has seen The Point! … and if she might have a little free time for a new project ….